Knee bar pad Go Climbing, Danaë model

The knee pad Danaë

Kneebar on the rest point can be decisive for the quality of recovery before the hard crux. Even you can find no hand rest. The knee pad Danaë is perfect for this case. That is to say, you can climb more easily your project.

We designed it specifically for rough and painful kneebars, as opposed to model Perseus, which is preserved for small crimps. The size of the knee pad allows kneebars on big holds and the thickness and hardness of the knee pad to save a lot of pain and bruising.

How Danaë pad is made

For our knee pad, we use a special rubber (Vibram) with good friction – soft enough to enable you to feel the rock surface and thick enough to avoid pain. In other words, you can use it almost everywhere. Above all Danaë pad has a shape, which is compatible with the knee bent and does not hamper its movements. We use buckles that allow easy putting on and off even while climbing. Used buckles are one of the strongest and most durable – Duraflex. We designed the ribbing and Velcro to withstand the stress that has to bear. For the base of the Go Climbing knee pad we use a neoprene – it’s elastic, thick fabric, which covers the foot well, without tightening it too much.

We care about the good fixing of the knee pad. Firstly, you can fix it with the Velcro, secondly, you tighten it with three tapes with buckles. This way you will be sure that the pad stays stable during climbing.

Silicone against ripping off

On the inside of the Danaë pad, we put a silicon dots. They prevent annoying ripping off of the knee pad. Therefore you can use it with pants, leggings or naked food – the silicon dots keep the pad in the place during climbing. In conclusion, you can trust on it all the way to the top.

The size of Danaë pad

The Danaë model has two modifications – Left and Right, whose structure is pursuant with that of which leg you use the pad. Of course, you can choose a neutral one – suitable for both knees.

Which is your size? Scheme and table size you can see here. You need to measure the round of the thigh about 10 cm above the knee. The size S – M is suitable if this round is from 40 to 46 cm., and M – L – 47 to 52 cm. If you prefer a special size for you, you can order. After that, you’ll be sure that it will perfectly fit you.

Weight: 235 gr., for size S – M


Per piece – 59 euro

Per pair – 109 еuro

In the pair, you have Left and Right knee bar pad.

60 Comments on “Knee bar pad Go Climbing, Danaë model

  1. Hello,

    i’m looking for buying two Knee bar pad Danaë model.
    How can we proceed.
    How does it coast to ship it to France?

    Wainting for your answer
    Thank you.

    Rémi Loubier
    813, avenue Léon Blum
    01500 Ambérieu en bugey

  2. Hallo,

    I´m also interested in buying the Danaë, can you send me a mail with the details on ordering and delivery to Germany??

    Thanks a lot

    • Hello Mark,

      I send you a mail with all details for Danaë knee pad – delivery, ordering and possibility to order a special size, just for your thigh:)

  3. Hi, I’m interested in your Danaë pad and was wondering how much the delivery would cost to the United States?
    Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for the interest. I send you an email with information about ordering, delivery and payment.
      Best regards,
      Ida Gandeva

  4. Hi Ida. Looking forward to testing the Danae size S-M. Plase contact me over e-mail for 1 piece price + shipping to Germany.

  5. Hi, I am interested – please could you send me details of costs and postage to the U.K. thanks

  6. Hello!
    I’m interested in buying one or two, shipping in France, could you send me détails?
    Thank you!

  7. Hey Ida,
    I’d like to order two Danae- kneepads, one for the left and one for the right knee, medium size. Is shipping to Germany possible? What are the payment methods you use?

    Greetings from the Frankenjura,


    • Hi Andy,
      The shipping to Germany is possible, takes about 10 working days and cost 9 euro. The payment is by Paypal or bank transfer. I send you an email with details.

  8. Неу Іdа,
    І’d lіkе tо оrdеr three Dаnае- knеераdѕ. Іѕ ѕhірріng tо Rebublic of Korea роѕѕіblе? Whаt аrе thе рауmеnt mеthоdѕ уоu uѕе? I have VISA and Mastercard.
    Please reply.

    Thank you.

    Grееtіngѕ frоm thе Frаnkеnјurа,


  9. Неllо,

    і’m lооkіng fоr buуіng twо Кnее bаr раd Dаnаë mоdеl.
    Ноw саn wе рrосееd.
    Ноw dоеѕ іt соаѕt tо ѕhір іt tо Frаnсе?

    Wаіntіng fоr уоur аnѕwеr
    Тhаnk уоu.

    Regards thomas

  10. Hi Ida,

    i’d also like to order a Danae model, please send me some more info on shipping and color types via email 🙂


    • Hi Tom,
      The shipping to Germany costs 9 euro and takes about 10 working days. I send you an email with more details.

  11. Hello Ida,

    I’d like to order a pair of your knee pads.
    I live in Germany … and my legs are quite skinny: Only ~38cm circumference 10cm above the knee.
    I’m looking forward for your mail.
    Thank you!

  12. Bonjour je souhaite commander une pad. Avais vous différentes modèles, je crois que vous en avez une avec 2 sangles, plus petite.

  13. Hi! Im from germany and would like to order a Kneebarpad. Could you send me some Information please?

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