Knee bar pad Go Climbing, Acrisius model

The Acrisius kneepad

The Acrisius kneepad combines the best of two other knee pad models Go Climbing pads – Danaë and Perseus. It is lightweight and comfortable, without being compromised by the thickness of the tire. The climber can put it on easy and the pad doesn’t move during climbing. You fix the kneepad with two elastic bands with velcro. This provides maximum comfort and stability. Like the other two models knee pads Go Climbing, this is not universal and finds its application in more technical and precise kneebars.

How Acrisius is made

We made the kneepad Acrisius mainly of very tight and durable elastic. When you put on the leg, the elastic is stretched almost completely. When the climber is moving and folding the legs, elastic stretch or shrinks as necessary. Thus avoid the annoying slippage of kneepad during climbing, which everyone has faced. We put elastic bands with velcro with which you can fix the kneepad on your leg. The piece of hard fabric at the end of the elastic band distributes the stress evenly. For easy putting, the model Acrisius is open, unlike the Perseus. Thus, even during climbing, you can remove the kneepad.

We use only very high-quality materials in the kneepad Acrisius. The fabric is strong and thick enough to provide maximum comfort. The bands are elastic and fix well the kneepad. We put the same rubber we used on other Go Climbing pads – Vibram 3 mm.

We made an innovation in the kneepad Acrisius – a pocket where you can put a piece of neoprene that fits precisely. In this way, you have weapons, both for the painful kneebars and for the precision one, where it is important to feel the relief of the rock. The kneepad is sold together with a neoprene.


Acrisius model of the kneepad Go Climbing has a left and right variety that are with cut and shape, which facilitate the usage of the left or right leg.

The kneepad Acrisius has two sizes S – M and M – L. To find out how big they are, you need to measure the round of the thigh about 10 cm above the knee. The size S – M is suitable if this round is from 40 to 46 cm., and M – L – 47 to 52 cm. If you prefer a special size for you, you can order. You can check the table size.

Weight: 185 gr., for size S – M


Per piece – 59 euro

Per pair – 109 euro

In the pair, you have a Left and Right kneepad.