Author: Ida

How to choose a climbing shoes

The climbing shoes are one of the most important parts of climbers’ equipment. Technologists and designers in leading companies are constantly developing new concepts for the design of shoes, the materials they use, and last but not least, the look.

The end of the summer and the beginning of the training

From a climber’s point of view, autumn is the best season – the rocks are dry, it’s not too hot, we have satisfied our desire to swim in the sea and watch the stars and now we can focus on

The climber’s WAY OF LIVING

With the coming of autumn, except the cold nights, the yellow leaves and the smell of walnuts, there is also the time for “hard” projects. Еvery climber associates them with difficult movements, a lot of rope hanging, pain in all

Pocket (on) desire

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.” Tennessee Williams, “A street car named Desire”. Unless this present moment leaves a slow-moving trace, traceable trace in the

Silicone against slippage

Silicone enters more and more in our everyday life – cosmetic products, plastic surgery, repairs, probably in a lot of foodstuffs… The silicone founds application in Go Clinbing knee pads, in particular in Danaë model. The silicone dotes, placed on the inside of


Paranoia is the name of a route located on one of the most popular spot for sport climbing in Bulgaria –  Small cave, Vratsa. It goes through the most overhanging part of the sector. The crux is in the roof, followed

More colorful Danaë knee pad

For the new season the Danaë become more colorful. There is a lot color combination and we have troubles to choose. In the photos below you can see all combination. If you have favorite, please write a comment!

Acrisius knee pad is getting even better

Once I used the Acrisius knee bar pad, it seemed to me that I could make it even better – lighter, most durable, easier to to put on and better fitting on the leg. In the new improved version of Acrisius, the

Update for Acrisius knee pad

Now the knee pad Acrisius is better! On the inside, under the rubber, there is a pocket in which a neoprene can be puted. The neoprene is cut so that it fits exactly without blowing the knee pad and without being smaller and having

New rubber for the knee pad Go Climbing

After a lot of tests at various crags in Bulgaria and Greece, the new rubber Vibram, which we use for шге knee pad Go Climbing, proved their qualities. The new rubber has several advantages over that which we have worked until now. It is a