Author: Ida

Warm and sunny Greece in December

Blue sea, whitewashed houses with blue covers, red rocks, oranges and eternal summer – this is our idea of Greece. But when you go in December, it is possible only to dream about it and is well that the downjacket and the gloves

New model Go Climbing knee bar pad – Acrisuis

The new model of the knee-pad Go Climbing, Acrisius, was created specifically for those climbers who are addicted to the most minor things and minimalist vision. With two buckles, the knee pad Acrisius is lighter and more compact than Danaë pad. But this

Free your body

Free your body, your mind, your consciousness, your soul… and a million of  bullshit. But, mostly free yourself 🙂 First of all, free yourself of prejudices. A beautiful bulgarian with a top Notos climbs Free rocks, 7b+, Little cave, Vratsa.

La vie en rose with Go Climbing

Summer provokes us with its long hot days when we often dream of a cocktail on the beach, rather than climbing. The most girlish accessory Go Climbing – pure pink top Notos, is ready to welcome the sunset in the mountains or at

Size of the tops Go Climbing

The preparing for the upcoming climbing season starts! Whether you return to old projects or looking for new challenges, climbing tops Go Climbingwill be up to you prepared for your desires. The most significant moment in ordering clothing which we can’t

Size of the knee pads Go Climbing

Knee bar pads Go Climbing have two sizes which are suitable for almost all climbers. Generally, climbers have a chicken leg, and the small size is used by both men and women. But of course, there are exceptions (men with normally developed

How to climb, when it’s cold

The best season for climbing – autumn goes away, but the desire to climb outdoor remains. Winter has come, the days are already short and cold, but we still have projects to climb. This is not so terrible if the crag where we want

With tank tops Go Climbing during the winter

Despite the snow, the ice and negative temperatures, four tops Go Climbing travel to its owner, to make them happy with beautiful colors and patterns. Really unusual order for the cold winter, but the lady and her daughter, foresight demanded two scarf

Merry Christmas

Go Cimbing and Santa Claus wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let’s all of you have a lot of good climbing, exciting trips all over the world, BIG smiles and fairy dreams!

Easy payment

Now you can pay your ordered accessories Go Climbing by your PayPal account. In case you don’t live in Bulgaria, this is the easiest, most convenient, safe and inexpensive option for paying your desired knee bar pads, hoodies, climbing tops, and whatever else