Hood Go Climbing

Hoods are really functional parts of one’s clothing. Unlike hats and caps they can keep your neck warm, they don’t make your hair flat and can also hold your ponytail if you have one. The only problem is that not every garment has a hood and all hoods are not always deep and comfortable enough. That is why I had this idea: What if I made a hood without a hoodie?

I made it from polar fleece and added a tricot piece below that doubles as a shawl. You can wear this headgear everywhere: in town, while climbing or in the evening, sitting around the campfire. Of course, it does not totally replace a cap but you can wear both at the same time. The hood is suitable for the winter cold as well as for changeable spring and autumn weather.

The first really warm days gave me the idea for a summer variant. This is made of fine, light-coloured cotton fabric, offering good protection from the sun and keeping cool. The model is designed to cover your shoulders and protect them from sunburns.

I like to experiment with colours and different fabric and pattern combinations. Thus, every hood is unique on its own.

Model Eos

Price: 30 euro. Delivery not included.