New rubber for the knee pad Go Climbing

Leonidio, Twin cavesAfter a lot of tests at various crags in Bulgaria and Greece, the new rubber Vibram, which we use for шге knee pad Go Climbing, proved their qualities. The new rubber has several advantages over that which we have worked until now. It is a little thinner than the old one, making a kneebar much more precisely. With a thin rubber the sensitivity is increased so that you can feel if the knee is exactly on the desired crimp. Also, the new rubber is thick enough so that almost completely eliminates pain. The knee bar pad Go Climbing with the new Vibram rubber are specifically for those climbers who ride on his precision and thrust on his technique. This rubber has a better friction that the previous. This way you can found a perfect kneebars and even no-hand rests in places where it looks unbelievable.

More about knee bar pads Go Climbing, and for the various models, you can find here.

We can only wish you sunny days, challenging projects and impressive climb.

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