Sport scarves

Sport scarf Go ClimbingUnlike traditional scarves sports model Go Climbing combined very well with a jacket, with a fleece and even with a T-shirt, well covering the neck. Of course, beauty is of paramount importance and sport scarves Go Climbing are made with attention to detail – they are double-sided and colored with external seams, that are part of the design.

They are hand made and only on order, like other climbing accessories Go Climbing. The fabrics, which are used depends on the willingness of the customer – cotton, wool or fleece or a combination of two types of fabrics. Go Climbing cotton scarves are suitable for warm weather, while in combination with polar or wool they are suitable for skiing, ice climbing or walking in winter mountain.

Model Clotho

Size: 25 х 60 cm.

Price: cotton – 20 euro; wool, fleece – 24 euro

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