The end of the summer and the beginning of the training

Beast makerFrom a climber’s point of view, autumn is the best season – the rocks are dry, it’s not too hot, we have satisfied our desire to swim in the sea and watch the stars and now we can focus on hard projects. Falling yellow leaves and the shorter days remind of the approaching unwanted winter, but while there is still sun, everything is fine. But there comes a moment when you wake up, look out the window and you see the snow – this cold, white thing that lovers of winter sports have prayed all summer… Yes, it’s true that it’s beautiful and white when you look outside, sitting next to the radiator, trying not to think about what to wear in order to stay dry, but it is not suitable for climbing outdoor. And at this moment you realized  that you will not be able to climb on rocks so often, that you will have to remember the “super-good” beta for the crux till next year and … you have to go take the quickdraws in the snow.

This is the negative side of the winter. But there is another point of view, and it is that winter is the time when we can take on hard training sessions and next season we are in even better shape. About the types of workouts there are so many written materials, systems, programs that we will have to read the whole winter to read them all. We need to know a few things. The most important is that there is no such thing as “too much power”. We must not forget that the technique is just an elegant use of strength. Another important thing is persistence. Regardless of what kind of training system we will come up with, it is important to just follow it. And the third thing that is good to remember is that we have to keep ourselves from injuries. There is also a lot to read on this topic, but the main thing is finding a good  warm-up for our workouts.

The other thing we have in the winter is the thick clothes, watching the weather forecast, waiting the sunny and quiet days and… a nice red wine, of course!

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