Climbing tops

Top Go ClimbingHere’s one accessory, only for chicks – tops Go Climbing! During the warm summer days, men undress to the waist, which partially solves the problem of heat. Our Western European society does not look kindly at women who want to climb topless. For this reason, we are forced to invent the coolest clothes for the summer months.

Over the past 15 years, I have tried all sorts of tops to find that is very hard to find suitable models for me – not wide, but not narrow, long enough, made of stretchy tricot of the best quality… This proved to be quite a complex task for clothing companies, even those for climbing clothing. During the years of searching, I realized that it would be easier to make them.

Go Climbing tops are handmade with colored outer seams. Make-to-order, you can choose different colors of fabric for the front and back of your shirt.


One color – 34 euro

Bicolor – 36 euro

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