Top Go Climbing, Notos

Top Go Climbing, Notos model - purple 1According to Greek mythology, Notos is the god of the south thunderous wind in late summer and early spring. Notos top is destructive and unpredictable, just like a summer thunderstorm. When they see it, the routes easily fall into the hands of climbing chicks. Notos model of tank tops Go Climbing is designed specifically for those who don’t like to be suntanned and a million straps. The strap is elastic, which allows very precise adjustment of the top to be comfortable for everyone. The Notos model of Go Climbing is suitable for climbing during the warm summer. Also, it is long enough so that it can be used on colder days. The fabrics and threads which are used are of high-quality cotton.

Like the other climbing accessories Go Climbing, tank tops Notos are custom-made, and the colors and dimensions are consistent with your wishes. The combinations of colors and threads are left entirely to your imagination.


One color – 34 euro

Bicolor – 36 euro

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